Thursday, February 4, 2010


THE VIOLENT ARP BAND (l-r Jim Magas (vox), Dave Hoffa (drums), Eli Caterer (guitar), Matt Jencik (bass)

Ladies and gentlemen...after devoting the past decade to purely electronic music, I have decided to smash the old model and begin the new decade with a new sound: THE VIOLENT ARP BAND.

"Sharing a love for high-velocity avant heavy sludge, this newly-minted syndicate of freaks features Jim Magas (MAGAS, LAKE OF DRACULA, COUCH) on vocals & electronics, Eli Caterer (SMOKING POPES) on guitar, Matt Jencik (IMPLODES, TAKING PICTURES, PAPA M, DON CABALLERO, etc. ) on bass guitar and Dave Hoffa (CHICAGO THRASH ENSEMBLE, AUTHORITY ABUSE) on drums."

Rehearsals have been going well...we'll be playing this spring.