Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MAGAS - May I Meet My Accuser (2006)

"Forget what you know about MAGAS because he’s smashing the mold with this daring new fourth release, MAY I MEET MY ACCUSER. Picking up where FRIENDS FOREVER left off, MAY I MEET MY ACCUSER, showcases a harder, more rough-hewn sound. Spraying a layer of sizzling hi-hats atop the thunderous roar of an old ARP, Magas has created a defiant new style of electronic motor-punk.

MAY I MEET MY ACCUSER’s 10 excursions into sonic rudeness were produced by Magas in his Chicago studio, with further recording, tweaking and mixing taking place at Keyclub Recording in Benton Harbor, where Magas’ former Lake Of Dracula partners Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins helped give the tracks greater fidelity and power. Also pushing the needle further into the red was fellow Lake Of Dracula alumni, Weasel Walter, who provided the final mastering job. Hard-hitting and concise, MAY I MEET MY ACCUSER is MAGAS’ defining statement in electronic rock.

MAGAS has always followed his own path, since his beginnings in COUCH, LAKE OF DRACULA and the MANY MOODS of MARLON MAGAS. Since 1999 Magas has been performing solo, under his surname, recording for Detroit’s ERSATZ AUDIO and remixing such artists as BOBBY CONN, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, ARTHUR BAKER and RA-X. Magas has toured North America and Europe, playing with SONIC YOUTH, PEACHES, ANDREW W.K., ADULT., WOLF EYES, BOBBY CONN, QUINTRON & MISS PUSSYCAT, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD and many others along the way." --IMAGINARY CONFLICT HQ

01. Black Door
02. Easy to Please
03. Chicagocide
04. I Need Love
05. May I Meet My Accuser
06. Transgressors
07. Walk Through the Dark
08. Highway Hat
09. Burst City
10. One Hundred Ten

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Anonymous said...

Yo ! that guy is amazing, pure power tracks.
thanks for the link, but now he is dead...
Can you reupload that album man ??
Thanks from France !