Saturday, April 5, 2008

COUCH - New Friends 99 7" (Insignificant, 1995)

As promised in an earlier post, I said that if anybody had a digitized copy of COUCH's New Friends 99 7", I'd post it. Well, Knox Mitchell came through like a champ, so here it is.

This was the first thing that we released with Aaron Dilloway on drums. Three short jams, released on San Francisco's INSIGNIFICANT, to coincide with COUCH's first and only 1995 West Coast tour. We broke up right after this and I moved to Chicago and started Lake Of Dracula, which I sort of view this record as a precursor to.

Get it HERE!

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Harge said...

Wow, Couch! Haven't thought of you guys in years... And then I did, and then I found this.

For some reason I never knew Pete from Couch was the same Pete from Bulb Records. I was under the impression Pete from Larson was older than Pete from Couch. How old is Magas, Magas? Did he corner you in the bathroom at your Jr. High and get you to start a band with him? If not, you look(ed) younger than Pete and without the visible stink lines.

Side note: I own that Prehinsile Monkey-Tailed Skink 7". Like, serious fuckin' bidders only, maaaaaaan...