Sunday, February 20, 2011

MAGAS Returns

For the past year, I've kept MAGAS on the back burner, turning my attention toward the hard-rocking sounds of the Violent ARP Band. Playing with such excellent like-minded musicians has been very satisfying. The time away from MAGAS has given me a fresh perspective and new enthusiasm, as well as a new way that I want to approach the concept. Now that the Violent ARP Band has achieved a smooth work-flow, I'm able to turn my attention back to the abstract electronic sounds of MAGAS.

This time out, the concept will be different. Each performance, whether alone or in front of an audience, will be a spontaneous experience, with no pre-composed songs. Although certain patterns, habits or themes may repeat, the goal will not be to entertain, but to evoke new sounds and feelings, letting the instruments breathe. The conventional notion of "good" won't apply. I will strive to bore, and out of this boredom, a feeling of transcendence will grow, anchored by the hypnotic thud of the TR-808 kick drum. "Mistakes" don't exist in this new world. All sounds are permitted. The slow, fumbling search for nirvana will be as important as our arrival. Development may occur at the pace of a Jess Franco film. Bad timing is encouraged.

Lest ye faithful fear I've set myself adrift, take comfort in the knowledge that certain restrictions will apply: MAGAS will be primarily instrumental, consisting of synthesizers and drum machines. Computers, if used at all, will only be for the purpose of timing or synchronization. No playback is allowed.

Also, I'll be working with a dancer: you.

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